A church, a chimney, a roof, a wind turbine or every other possible telecommunication site, the Civil Works department at TripleA Networks offers you a full spectrum of fields of expertise.
This may include the Line of Sight survey, which includes research about the selected location, as well as the engineering including all required designs and calculations. Of course we also care for matters such as access management, work planning and project completion.

The dedicated staff members at TripleA Networks are available at your service to hear from you and proactively think along toward the best possible solutions for your specific project.

They do so by utilizing our competitive industry edge by delivering engineering solutions that are both solid and comprehensible. This is a result of the vast technological expertise with an organization, combined with our typical Dutch no-nonsense approach. We take pride in our flexibility and effectiveness and are keen to deploy this in order to attain your objectives. In this respect, project management is a profession of its own! It is the connecting link between your requirements and preferences and the actual execution. The ability to listen well and having an eye for details are the key to success in this discipline.

Radio Access Networks 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE, 5G

Infra Modernization
Transmission work
Reworks & Upgrades
Temporary antennae
Digital radio and television networks