Having the right knowledge available equals asserting grip on the situation. Knowing what is happening where is essential for each successful event, meaning that you must have access to all Key Performance Indicators at any given moment.
TripleA Networks has all the solutions available to provide you with a clear insights needed to anticipate every possible situation.

With our Networks Operations Center (NOC) we are able to create a platform for you in which all essential information streams are brought together. This might include safety services, whether information, but also sales numbers of crowd control.

As you are well aware of, even the most state-of-the-art technology does not offer a 100% guarantee. To ensure that your event does not become limped by failing technological solutions, TripleA Networks offers event engineers and an extensive service portfolio for unexpected malfunctions. Of course you will receive extensive reports about all significant data streams that are relevant for your event.

Network Operations Center
24/7 Stand-by service technicians
Field Engineers