Working safely is of course of the greatest importance to TripleA Networks. The SCC** certification which we have consistently held for the past 10 years is proof of that.

Work carried out at heights is deemed to have increased risks. With the proper experience, training and usage of the correct materials and equipment, this work can be carried out safely.

All our mechanics possess all required certificates such as their SCC, working safely on roofs, climbing certificates, rescue from antennas, IRATA and have all the appropriate personal protective equipment they need to complete their work. Creating HSE plans for work that is to be carried out, is part of our daily routine. These plans define the risks involved with the project to the customer and the mechanics so that all appropriate measures can be implemented and are known to all relevant parties.

This also ensures that you are aware of our work methods before they are carried out.

Inspections for edge protection, safety lines (horizontally and vertically), safety rails (horizontally and vertically) are completed compliant with the Aboma Keboma regulations.

We also have temporary safety facilities available, such as temporary fencing and temporary horizontal safety rails to ensure the safe accessibility of every possible worksite.

TripleA Networks of course also provides for extensive certification including all corresponding reports. Certifications we provide for include:

Aboma Keboma  Latchways / Söll / Faba  Uneto VNI

Below is an overview of the certificates / industry related guarantees TripleA Networks has held:

The acronym SCC stands for Safety Certificate Contractors. This certificate is a guarantee that TripleA Networks operates in accordance with the legal provisions safety. With this certification we demonstrate that safe work by our employees is an integral part of business.

In March 2017 TripleA Networks obtained the certificate ISO 9001:2015. By obtaining this certificate TripleA Networks demonstrated compliance with all international requirements in terms of quality. A great achievement that has been achieved through the efforts of all staff within TripleA Networks.

TripleA Networks is a recognized training company and stands for learning and expert guidance for students. Educating our employees is central to our organization.

TripleA Networks is a member of Techniek Nederland, the employers’ organization representing the installing companies and technical retailers. Through this membership TripleA Networks enjoys many advantages in terms of knowledge sharing, network expansion and control in the installation sector.

TripleA Networks meets the requirements according Aboma Management Technical Inspection (AMTeK). This independent AMTeK-system learns Aboma employees from TripleA Networks to approve itself. Inspections edge protection, safety lines (horizontal and vertical), safety rails (horizontal and vertical) to be inspected according to the rules of Aboma.