Work safety is a top priority for TripleA Networks as a company. TripleA Networks has been SCC/VCA** certified since 1 October 2005. We either work safely or we don’t work. We do everything we can to make sure the people working for and with TripleA Networks get home safely every evening.

When we work at height, there is always the risk of falling, which is why we take measures to prevent that. This work can be done safely with training, experience, and using the right equipment.

All our installers have the necessary certificates such as an SCC/VCA diploma, emergency first aid with AED, safe working at height (roofs), rescue at height (rescue from masts), working near antennas (EMF) and they have the right personal protective equipment. Further, a number of installers are specialised and certified to work near high-voltage pylons and hold a digital safety passport (DVP) to work on and around railways.

Health, safety and environment plans are drawn up for the work to be done. This sets out the high-risk tasks and associated measures for each project.

A number of installers are also trained as inspectors in installing and inspecting fall protection according to supplier regulations (MSA & Miller by Honeywell).

An overview of the certificates/industry-related memberships is given below:


Veiligheid Certificaat Aannemers.


ISO 9001:2015


BRL 6000-02




Techniek Nederland