Our company was founded in 1999 and has since been developed into a reliable partner in the telecommunications industry. The founders of our company remained involved in the field from the very first day, a unique fact that integrated an abundance of experience and operational force into our organization. It enables us to share knowledge incredibly effectively, scale up all kinds of technical environments and continuously innovate and develop new activities.

Since our founding, our company has both witnessed and participated in the development of mobile networks. From the former state owned telecom operators to all leading corporations that exist in the current industry, they are all part of the TripleA Networks customer base.

In a later stage, TripleA Networks deployed its knowledge to enable the usage of mobile phone services and mobile internet during events. What started with installing several antennas at the internationally renowned Pinkpop music Festival, developed into one of the pillars of our company. We are currently the industry leader in constructing temporary telephone networks and take pride in the fact that many customers rely on us to provide for the services at their wonderful events. We also provide for the internet infrastructure at the locations of various permanent festivals.

The unique power of TripleA Networks is derived from our roots. We think in solutions, are thrilled by getting the job done and possess the typical Dutch mentality of pragmatism. These properties are often very much welcomed in the telecom industry.